Sunday, February 19, 2012

What drives you?

That's not just a lame academic question. My theological understanding of "call" informs me that every one of us is here for a purpose. At the risk of sounding like a fortune cookie, I'll state outright that YOU, yes you, have a destiny.

What is it? Well, you may just spend the rest of your life hammering out what you're supposed to be doing. I'd imagine that there may be one reader out there who is droning away at the practice of law, for instance. He cares nothing for it - it's good money, it has unique challenges, but it's just not him.

Sir, get up some gumption. Don't worry so much about following your parents' desires for your life. Don't get caught up in some weird "image" issue, as in: "What would others think?" If you have family, make sure that they're cared for and will continue to be cared for.

And then - take the necessary steps to become a white water rapids guide. And do it before you get too old. The universe will thank you for being truthful.

If that sounds too far fetched, try this: Keep the day job, because it pays the bills. And figure out how to do what you really love, what makes you passionate, the One Thing that ratchets up your pulse rate. Don't settle for a life of "I shoulda's."

If the call is to write, guess what. You can do it, and what's more, you can make your work available to millions with a couple of keystrokes.

This is a terrific time to be alive.

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