Thursday, February 23, 2012

The "D" word (discipline!)

Ah, discipline. Something that in my flesh I don't have much of.

Last night I was working at the new book, which I think is coming along nicely. But I didn't start work on it until I'd watched "Survivor." Honestly, I love TV, and I can rationalize all day on why it's important for me to have that hour of down time after a day at work and an evening ministering with some great teenagers at church.

Still. I used up a potentially productive hour on something that was inconsequential at best.

I've noticed that if I get slack in one area of life, it impacts other areas as well. That's one reason I don't buy into the whole "compartmentalization" concept. For instance, if I'm lazy at writing, I'm more likely to slough off in areas of health and exercise. I've done such a great job at taking care of myself this past year, as shown by a significant weight loss, to lose ground now is unacceptable. And if my spiritual life is neglected, I'm more likely to be less frugal. All these life components are connected by a fragile web, and if one strand goes slack or breaks, the whole system suffers.

Here's my conclusion. It doesn't have to be yours. But if I am taking care of my soul, seeking after God single-mindedly, a whole host of things happen: It's easier to maintain my health, weight loss goals, and proper nutrition (and portion control!) I'm more likely to be productive and turn out good stuff when I write. I'm more conscious of stewardship and thinking in terms of how I can manage my blessings. And I actually think I'm a better husband and father.

This does not come naturally - I'm a creature of flesh, just like you and everyone else. But, if you're a believer, then knowing God is the most important thing in your life. And the better you know Him, the closer you get to Him, then the more likely you are to submit to His Lordship in all the areas of life.

Does that mean that if you're fat, you don't love Jesus? I didn't say that. But I will state that the more intimate you are with the Almighty, the more you'll be assured that He can, and does, rule all areas of your life.

Thanks for indulging me in a little homily this morning. Have a terrific day!

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