Friday, February 10, 2012

A prayer before writing.

Lord, I recognize that You are the giver of all good and perfect gifts. I acknowledge that You have placed me and kept me here on this earth for one purpose, a purpose that is unique to me. I surrender myself to what You have called me to do, and Your divine Providence will sustain me and direct me. May angel midwives congregate around me, assisting me as I give birth to what You have preordained. Let me bring forth what is in me for its own sake, not for what it can do for me or how it can advance my standing. Every breath I take, every heartbeat, every bit of my being is sustained by You. Help me understand that if I don't do my work, I hurt not only myself, but I hurt my family, my friends, the planet.

Make this tale live for us in all its many bearings, O God. Amen.

1 comment:

  1. Tony, how beautiful! May that be all of our prayers.